Let's partner & build a simple, profitable business you can (one day) sell for more money.

Save time, make more money, and scale your profit.

Higher Valuations.

Better Terms on Investment.

Larger Exit Multiples.

Why us?

Founded by the team behind Bootstrapper Capital, we specialize in helping small business owners, solopreneurs and startup founders, who tend to not be a great fit for traditional venture capital, get access to that same level of exclusive support & resources to build simple, profitable businesses.

Our results-driven approach delivers a happier lifestyle, better financial security and more personal freedom. This is all accomplished by focusing on transforming your business from a liability into a simple asset that produces higher valuations, better terms on investment and larger exit multiples.

Get capital ready.

Let us help you simplify your business so you are ready to raise capital or exit your business successfully.

Join our community advisory book club and take risk off the table while increasing the upside value of your business.

Join our community book club.

Take our simple bets challenge.

Get profitability coaching to achieve simple, profitable outcomes.

We're talking 'lemonade stand' simple.

build a more valuable business

Learn the simple profits formula.

Simple Profits is the advisory arm of the team who literally wrote "the book" on bootstrapping, Bootstrapper Capital. This is the exact formula we follow at Bootstrapper Capital for every single one of our portfolio companies. It will help you unlock trapped capital in your business and get focused on building a better business that delivers simple, profitable outcomes. Our goal is to teach it to you.

Brand Equity


Operational Equity


Wedge Equity

Higher Valuations.

Better Terms on Investment.

Larger Exit Multiples.

Increase your money multiple.

Build brand equity.

$10M case study.

This isn't some made up example. This is our actual own Brand Equity Engine that we use to predictably hit our simple, profitable forecasts each month. It's also the same playbook we leverage across the entire Bootstrapper Capital portfolio of companies to build brand equity in our businesses.

Simple revenue flywheel.

  1. Find a brand voice to attract an audience.
  2. Build an audience to convert into a newsletter.
  3. Syndicate a newsletter to monetize ad sponsorship.
  4. Reinvest ad sponsorships to fund paid acquisition growth.
  5. Optimize organic conversions to monetize the audience.
  6. Incentivize happy customers to grow the audience from referrals.
  7. Repeat.

Simple money math.

  • Cost Per Subscriber = $2.50
  • Ave. Ad Value Per Subscriber = $4
  • Conversion From Subscriber to Customer = 5%
  • Average 1st Sale = $500
  • 125k Subscriber Newsletter = $500k Ad Revenue
  • ($500k / 12) / $2.50 = ~16k Net New Subs Mo.
  • 5% conversion * $500 = $400k Incremental Revenue
  • Marketing Budget = $0
  • Incremental Annualized Revenue = $5.3M
  • Money Multiple on Equity = 2x
  • Incremental Wedge Equity on Valuation = ~$10M

Four pillars of building brand equity

We've mapped out 100's of strategies that you can leverage to drive new customers through one of the four primary pillars of building brand equity. Once you've mastered the pillars, you've engineered your revenue machine.

Warm relationships

Cold relationships

Earned relationships

Paid relationships

Let us help you build brand equity.

Reduce your risk ratio

Build operational equity

Take a profit-first approach to your finances.

We teach our portfolio companies how to pay themselves first by completely redefining the traditional approach to finance and design a more profitable business system.

Old way: Revenue - Expenses = Profits
Our way: Revenue - Profits = Expenses
Stop throwing money down the toilet. Invest in better plumbing for your business.

Install a simple business system for predictable profitability.

Installing a simple operating system into you business will help you organize, standardize, strategy and optimize your business for simple, profitable outcomes. Processes work and systems make them scalable. Start playing the game on easy mode by installing yours today.

Reduce your risk ratio and increase your money multiplier.

Let us help you build operational equity.

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Start simple. Join the community book club.

Explore a community-driven experience

Design your 7-figure transformation plan in 30 days or less. Trust the process. Commit to the journey and experience a four stop community experience designed to start at the micro-level with your individual set of unique circumstances & expands into the macro-market perspective of how to build a more valuable business asset that you can sell.

Everything is complemented by:

- a well-structured workbook
- a flexible business operating system
- an intentional community experience
- plus, follows Simple Profits: "The Book" on Bootstrapping

Design your personal financial plan.

understand your freedom budget to
identify your optimal life

Adopt a free business operating system.

optimize your VPMOSA to
get strategic focus

Simplify into a more valuable business.

a business valuation to
understand your current equity
a comprehensive transformation strategy to
increase your net worth
a community, suite of tools and structured bootcamps to
support your journey

A few thoughts from our community...

I thought I knew how to build a business & then I took this bootcamp. game changer.
- Richard T.
I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on courses over the years. All I needed was this one.
- Dwayne G.
I finally felt like I got the structure and accountability I needed to just get it done.
- Jason M.
If only I had this sooner!
- James R.
Even after 10 years in business, I still learned something new!
- Jon A.
I thought I knew how to build a business & then I took this bootcamp. Game changer.
- Richard T.
Everything I needed to commit to was broken down into step-by-step exercises that I could follow along in my workbook. Before I knew it, I had a complete business transformation plan ready to go.
- Stacey W.
Last time I tried to work through improving the processes in my business I only made things worse. This time it actually worked!
- Alexis T.
Wow. Well Done. A ton of effort went into this. Thank you.
- Kari F.
My favorite part is the relationships I've been able to build in the community. The daily newsletter is pretty great too.
- Aria W.
One word. Simple.
- Brian R.
I wasn't sure if I'd have the time to commit, but all I had to do was follow the process and it brought me to the finish line.
- Adam P.

Higher Valuations.

Better Terms on Investment.

Larger Exit Multiples.